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Make concerted efforts to realize the dream

In the hot summer, South China building materials ushered in 25 young people with vigor and vitality. Here, they will open a new chapter in their life, ride the wind and waves, just for better themselves!

On July 1, the opening ceremony of South China building materials 2020 college student training project was held in Machong, Dongguan. The company's management team attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Managers of various employing departments and 25 new college students attended the ceremony.

With relaxed and happy laughter, the first to break the sense of strangeness and distance of new employees was the opening speech from the general manager. General manager Chen Zhongnian warmly welcomed the new employees. He introduced the basic situation and future development of South China building materials to the new employees, and put forward requirements and hopes for the students during the training period. I hope that they can change their roles as soon as possible, learn from their colleagues with an open mind, and strive to combine their personal growth with the needs of enterprise development. At the meeting, the student representatives shared their work planning and vision for their own post development.

In order to help college students understand corporate culture, establish correct values, adjust mentality, change roles, and quickly realize the transformation from 'campus person' to 'South China person', South China building materials human resources department will organize and carry out 2020 South China Building Materials University Student Training Project - phase I training plan from July 1 to August 10, 2020. The training centers on enterprise development, enterprise culture, quality management, safety knowledge, product knowledge and other aspects. In the process, the lecturers not only teach professional knowledge, but also share their experience and patiently answer all kinds of questions raised by new employees in combination with their own actual positions.

Who is better in the future? Start from the starting line! Strict closed book examination, writing hard, thinking like spring, we consciously abide by the discipline of the examination room, will learn the theoretical knowledge truthfully show on the test paper, the training course of the training stage perfect show.

In order to actively guide new employees to better and faster adapt to the new environment and enhance team spirit, an important part of South China building materials 2020 college students training project is expansion activities, which further enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of new employees.

College student training project is one of the key training projects of South China building materials talent echelon construction. It is the embodiment of the company's emphasis on talents. It is also an important guide for employees to gradually become familiar with and adapt to the organizational environment, accurately position their roles and give full play to their talents. It provides guarantee for the talent reserve of key positions in the company's transformation and development period.

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