Technology development


Work content:

It is required to be able to lead the establishment of company performance appraisal, market analysis and other systems, have good analysis ability and planning ability, have good communication ability, and have a deep understanding of corporate governance.

The main responsibilities are one of the following -:

1. Establish and improve the company's performance appraisal, and maintain the operation of the performance appraisal system;

2. The company's strategic planning and annual business plan decomposition and implementation evaluation;

3. Standardization of company management, including improvement of process, system and management system.

Recruitment instructions:

The email address of the resume is indicated in the remarks of each recruitment position. Please send the resume to the email address;

If you don't receive a phone call or SMS notice of the first test within three working days, it means that your resume has not passed the screening, but it will be kept in the talent pool of the company;

When you send your resume, please indicate the position on the subject.

Recruitment channels:

On site recruitment: the company will conduct on-site recruitment in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan and other talent markets from time to time according to the demand for talents. We sincerely invite people with insight to join us.

Online recruitment: the company publishes urgently needed job information on 51job, Zhuobo and other talent websites.

Campus recruitment: according to the reserve of talents, the company will conduct campus recruitment in various universities and technical secondary schools from time to time, and relevant information will also be published on the company's website.

Mechanical design


College degree or above;

Ability of AutoCAD mechanical drawing software;

More than one year working experience.



Bachelor degree or above;

Familiar with all kinds of office software

Under 28 years old, more than one year working experience.

Engineering workers


Education is not limited

Mechanical, electrical, mechanical, photoelectric and other related knowledge or skills are preferred

Under 30.



College Degree

Major in marketing, mechatronics or related

Over 25 years old, more than one year working experience.




1. Bachelor degree or above

2. The accountant should have the qualification certificate; Students' cadres are preferred

3. Rigorous work, strong execution, strong compressive ability, good communication ability and team spirit

4. Identify with the development direction of enterprises and be willing to start from the grass roots level

Treatment: welfare for more than 3000 months: social security, family relationship 1+1, collective wedding, 6 days off monthly, broad promotion space, all grass-roots posts are selected from the grass-roots level.

If you are interested in this position, we can send our resume. We will inform you to attend our interview by SMS within 2 weeks after you deliver your resume. Please keep your mobile phone open.



Job requirements:

1. Within two years of graduation, college degree or above, no limit on major.

2. strong communication ability, careful and responsible.

3. identify with the corporate culture and development direction and be willing to start at the grass-roots level.

4. excellent student cadres are preferred.

Salary and benefits:

1. Salary: 2800-3500 yuan, 6-7 days off a month;

2. Social security, all kinds of paid leave (legal holiday, annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, etc.), providing competitive salary level higher than the same industry;

3. Regular employees can enjoy monthly 'family 1 + 1' (company subsidy 100 yuan, employees provide 100 yuan, fixed 200 yuan per month into the parents' account), collective birthday, etc;

4. Every Mid Autumn Festival will send a gift bag of moon cake to every employee's family;

5. Car welfare: the company provides cars for every regional manager and above;

6. Learning car welfare: Reserve Manager training top three, manager level and above personnel learning car, the company reimburses 50% of the cost of learning car;

7. Every year, we hold several special 'group weddings' for our employees, which are held in domestic and foreign tourist destinations: Lijiang, Sanya, Qingdao, Shanghai, Beijing, Bali, Maldives, etc;

8. The company provides carefree family welfare programs for managers and above. The company will provide wedding gifts, child giving gifts, annual child nutrition subsidies, kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, high school, university tuition subsidies and a series of cost subsidies;

9. The company provides all kinds of training opportunities for employees. Deppon college organizes all kinds of internal training and outdoor development related to business, work and ability improvement, such as new employee induction training, reserve manager training, senior manager training, accounting training, professional skills training and other related off-duty paid training, according to the post types of employees.