Our wills unite like a fortress. HBM is fighting the blockade of COVID-19.



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As everyone knows, before and after the Chinese new year, Wuhan centered around the country and spread all over the country, and a sudden outbreak of New Coronavirus broke out. In this epidemic, more than 80000 people have been infected and more than 3000 people have lost their precious lives.

Epidemic situation is command, prevention and control is responsibility. Prepared to meet the challenge of the epidemic, HBM senior level was in a tight position. The first level response plan was launched. The first time the department managers were called to hold an emergency video conference. The new building emergency team of Southern China building materials control and prevention was set up by Chen Zhongnian, the Party branch secretary and general manager of the company.

It was a race against the epidemic, a battle of defense against the virus. Under the careful deployment and strong promotion of general manager Chen, with the active cooperation of relevant departments such as safety, human resources and comprehensive management, The company promptly issued the 'Southern China building materials on New Coronavirus epidemic prevention and control work urgent notice', 'Southern China building materials on new type of viral infection of pneumonia prevention and control program', 'further strengthening the epidemic prevention and control of supplementary notice', 'about the Dongguan branch staff dining room during the epidemic notice'. And the guidance documents such as the guidelines for prevention of epidemic of South China Building Materials Engineering and foreign service personnel and the guidelines for prevention of epidemic of South China building materials visitors provide scientific guidance and system guarantee for the prevention and control of epidemic situation for all staff.

In addition, the company strictly implements the notice and regulations of the State Council, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen and other governments and groups on extending the Spring Festival holiday and delaying the resumption of work, which delays the company's resumption of work time and effectively reduces the risk of infection of employees. And actively cooperate with the requirements of the group and governments at all levels, and organized the following work:

First, the video conference is used for communication many times to ensure the prevention and control personnel and responsibilities are in place; Secondly, collect and master the travel and health information of the whole staff quickly, report the health status of the staff to the group and government departments every day, and effectively conduct the tracking management of the employees; Third, communicate and inquire the returned employees one by one, understand the situation, measure the temperature, do a good job of inspection, and ensure the safety of the returned staff; Fourth, for the employees returning from the enclosed area, the company also set up the isolation area in advance, prepared more than 10 isolation rooms, and ensured that the group and the company's isolation prevention and control measures were in place.

At the end of the holiday and the return of employees to work in succession, in order to scientifically and effectively prevent and control the epidemic situation in the concentrated areas of the company's plant area and living area, the Party branch of the company has also established two party leaders groups in Shenzhen and Dongguan, which requires all Party members and comrades to cooperate with the propaganda of relevant departments such as human resources, comprehensive management and safety while doing their own work Supervise, kill and regularly measure the temperature of all staff every day, and assist all departments of the company to fight the epidemic and to meet the difficulties.

While actively doing the prevention and control of the enterprise's own epidemic, the company also does not forget the responsibilities and responsibilities of the enterprise. After knowing that other subsidiaries of the group have stepped forward for the epidemic situation in Wuhan, the company has not enough protective equipment and can not purchase it. For the first time, the company has sent 1000 masks from the very limited warehouse inventory to Wuhan, Support the brotherhood units to fight the epidemic in Hubei Province.

At present, HBM Shenzhen Dongguan and other offices have been fully resumed, but the epidemic with great impact has not been completely over. Therefore, we can not relax the implementation of various measures for epidemic prevention and control while we do well in production and operation. To achieve 'steady progress', we should not only be 'stable' in the head, as long as the epidemic situation is not completely over, prevention and control measures will not be weakened, and safety production should not be relaxed; The word 'dry' should be the first to grasp the actual situation prevention and control, grasp the details and landing, and at the same time, find opportunities in the crisis and creatively do all the production and operation of the company.

I believe that under the company's strict prevention of death and forge ahead, this dangerous and terrible 'winter' will soon pass, and all HBM people will usher in a brighter and better tomorrow.

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