Zhu Jinbiao, vice president of Jiangnan Research Institute, and his party visit HBM



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Ten thousand trees are towering and golden osmanthus is fragrant. In September, HBM welcomed Zhu Jinbiao, vice president of Jiangnan Research Institute, Zhang Zhanfei, chief constructor of UECC project of Jiangnan Shipyard, and Tomasz Piotr sliwa, representative of shipowner. HBM general manager Chen Zhongnian, deputy general manager Luo Heng, deputy general manager Tian Yajun, chief engineer Xie Jianghua and other company leaders attended the reception.

According to the previous contract signed by both parties, HBM will provide the overall cabin package and the plates, fire doors and health unit materials for the three ro ro ships (3600 ceudfpctc) constructed by Jiangnan Shipyard. Jiangnan Shipyard and its shipowners are here to learn about the construction of the sample cabin. Accompanied by the leaders and staff of HBM company, the visitors focused on the inspection and acceptance of the sample cabin of the project ship, and successively participated in Zhu Jinbiao to affirm the standard of the sample cabin, and fully recognized the work done by HBM. He pointed out that the two sides have always had good cooperation and hope to continuously expand cooperation in the future to promote common development of both sides.

Tomasz Piotr sliwa, the ship owner's representative, was also very satisfied, saying that he was deeply impressed by the excellent quality of the sample cabin and HBM's excellent service.

It is reported that the 3600 ceudfpctc (3600 vehicle dual fuel vehicle carrier) is a series of ships, with a total length of 169.10 meters, a type width of 28.0, a number of parking spaces of 3580 vehicles, and the owner is UECC. The first ship is expected to be delivered in June 2021.

Since launching the cabin business in 2002, HBM has achieved steady and rapid development. Its products and services have gradually covered the passenger ship and cruise market from merchant shipping and marine industry, and has gradually grown into a leading domestic and internationally influential supplier of the whole cabin.

2020 is a special year. In the face of the epidemic situation test, HBM people face the difficulties and hand over the satisfactory answer papers of the times. HBM will continue as always, adhering to the concept of 'customer first', continue to improve products and services, and constantly surpass and live up to its expectations.

This paper thanks Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. for the drawing.