H1508 public areas of the first batch of MOCK UP "cloud acceptance"



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On April 28th, a special "Cloud Acceptance" was carried out in HBM Foshan Base, CARNIVAL, PSD, Fincantini, JVPC, Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, NSS and HBM participated in this historic scene both on site and on the cloud.

H1508 public areas of the first batch of MOCK UP

The target of this acceptance is the first public area of JA14, the first domestic large cruise ship made by SWS, which involves a total of 9 sets of MOCK UPs, with a large number of different themes, fully representing the typical nodes and structures of the CREW PUBLIC of H1508. Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, JVPC was authorized by CARNIVAL to host the event at the sample site, connecting the ship owner and representatives of all parties through the conference system, and conducting the "Cloud Acceptance" in the form of live video streaming, which was the first time in the history of cruise ship construction.

After the acceptance, CARNIVAL affirmed the ability and work of HBM-NSS, thanked Fincantini, JVPC and Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding for the organization, and pointed out that as the first batch of MOCK UP in the public area of the first domestic large cruise ship's interior project, the quality and effect demonstrated exceeded the expectation, and it marked a big step forward for the interior project of the first ship H1508.

H1508 public areas of the first batch of MOCK UP

In the next phase, the joint team of HBM and NSS will continue to move forward according to the planned schedule and contribute to the high quality delivery of SWS domestic large cruise ships!

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