Chongqing Guanda "Century Voyage" whole sanitary unit lifting successfully



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At six o'clock in the morning of August 25, 2022, which is a record-worthy moment in the construction history of China's Yangtze River luxury cruise ship, the lifting of the overall sanitary unit of Chongqing Guanda "Century Voyage" was officially held. As the whole sanitary unit of HBM was slowly hoisted to the predetermined position, the first hoisting was successfully completed, which marked the opening of a new stage of the construction of the cruise ship "Century Voyage" in a comprehensive way.

Chongqing Guanda

"Century Voyage" is the fifth generation of the new five-star Yangtze River five-star green intelligent foreign-related luxury cruise ship of Chongqing Guanda Century Cruise Company Limited. It has a total length of 149.98 meters, a width of 21.2 meters, a depth of 4.6 meters, a design draft of 3 meters, a design speed of 26km/h, a gross tonnage of 15,000 tons, a maximum passenger capacity of 650 people, and is equipped with an intelligent monitoring system for energy consumption, and an integrated intelligent energy-efficiency system for electric propulsion.

Chongqing Guanda

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the order and carry out the business philosophy of "customer-centered", HBM has specially deployed the best and brightest from all aspects to form the project team of "Chongqing Guanda Century Voyage Cruise". Together with the team of Guanda Cruise Ship, the project team made concerted efforts in technology development, program design, material selection, process upgrading and construction management, overcame a series of difficulties such as the low floor height of the Yangtze River Cruise Ship, many interferences, complex routes into the cabin, etc. After many discussions, repeated demonstrations and tests, together they created a benchmark product for the Yangtze River Cruise Ship in China.

"Century Voyage" adopts for the first time the whole lifting construction mode of sanitary unit, which is an innovation and breakthrough in the outfitting construction mode of China Yangtze River luxury cruise ship and fills the blank of the domestic river cruise ship construction field. This time, new technical solutions such as co-layered drainage and factory prefabrication by HBM were also adopted, which not only reduced the workload of on-site operation and the risk of cross operation, but also guaranteed the overall quality and design effect, thus avoiding a large number of negative impacts arising from construction, including on-site garbage, welding dust, etc., which made the shipbuilding more green and environmentally friendly, saved the time and cost of platforms, and improved the efficiency of the construction. At the same time, the overall sanitary unit reduces a large number of on-board construction operations, which can also effectively reduce the various risks brought about by on-site construction and improve the safety of the construction process.

Chongqing Guanda

At the beginning of the project, HBM signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chongqing Guanda Century Cruise Co., Ltd. and both sides determined to work together to strengthen cooperation in the Yangtze River cruise ship interior process, technology, equipment and other areas. The successful completion of the first batch of lifting of the whole sanitary unit of the luxury cruise ship "Century Voyage" is the result of the friendly cooperation and joint efforts of both parties, and lays a solid foundation for both parties to carry out a higher level and all-round cooperation.

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