The world's largest and most advanced 49000 DWT chemical tanker "Bao Orion" with interior outfitting



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On August 26, 2019, the world's largest and most advanced 49000 ton dual phase stainless steel chemical vessel 'Bao o'lian' (h1860a) with interior outfitting products provided by HBM was successfully delivered in Shanghai.

'Bao Orion' is built by Hudong Zhonghua shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., and its owner is ODFJELL chemical tankers as, a subsidiary of ODFJELL group of Norway, a world famous chemical transportation enterprise.

It is reported that Bao Orion is 182.88 meters in length, 32.20 meters in width, 19.80 meters in depth and 11.00 meters in design draft. The ship has 33 dual phase stainless steel cargo holds, one hold and one pump, which can carry nearly 1000 kinds of chemicals and refined oil, including petrochemical, oil chemicals, vegetable oil and lubricating oil, etc. the maximum full cargo weight is 1.67 T / m3, the maximum carrying capacity is 49000 T, and the tank capacity is 54000 m3.

The hull structure of the ship meets the requirements of common specification (hcsr), MARPOL and IBC. The ship is equipped with nitrogen generator and cargo heating and cooling system, the main and auxiliary equipment meet the tier III emission standard, and the installation space of sulfur oxide washing equipment is reserved to meet the international environmental protection requirements. The main indexes such as cabin capacity and weight have also reached the international advanced level, and the fuel consumption index is very bright. It is the largest and most advanced duplex stainless steel chemical ship in the world so far.

It is also understood that Hudong Zhonghua and ODFJELL chemical tankers as, a subsidiary of ODFJELL group of Norway, have signed a construction contract for a total of 4 + 2 + 2 49000 ton stainless steel chemical ships. The 'Bao Orion' delivered this time is the first ship to be manufactured. HBM, including the vessel, has won the interior outfitting supply contract for four of them.

At 11:30 on August 29, with the sound of the siren, 'Bao o'lian' set sail from Shanghai, officially joined the ODFJELL group fleet, and will soon be put into operation in the global trade routes.

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