South China building materials Party branch holds 2019 democratic life meeting



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On the morning of September 12, the South China building materials Party branch held the 2019 annual democratic life meeting, which was attended by members of the South China building materials Party branch and members of the company's leading group. The meeting was presided over by Chen Zhongnian, Secretary of the Party branch of the company. Wang Shiyun, Secretary of the Party committee of Nanshan holdings, and Li Zhaocai, office of the Party committee of the group, attended the meeting to supervise and guide it.

The Party branch of the company attached great importance to the democratic life meeting and made serious preparations. Before the meeting, through in-depth study of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with China's characteristics in the form of self-study and holding a learning seminar, he consulted widely in various ways such as face-to-face talk and soliciting comments form.

At the meeting, Comrade Chen Zhongnian, Secretary of the Party branch of the company, reported the preparation of the democratic life meeting and the annual work summary report of the Party branch in 2019: with the theme of 'focusing on Party building and promoting business through Party building', with the guiding ideology of 'integrating into the overall situation and serving the business', and with the work center of 'doing a good job in production and operation, stabilizing the staff team and promoting the development of the company'.

Later, Comrade Chen Zhongnian took the lead in conducting personal comparative examination, carrying out self-criticism, and taking the lead in accepting criticism from members of the branch committee and the company's leading group. Other members of the leading group of the branch committee also made a comparative examination one by one, seriously carried out criticism and self-criticism, and met openly and frankly. They not only exchanged ideas and enhanced unity, but also pointed out problems and made clear the direction of improvement, and achieved the expected goal. The whole democratic life will be completed in an atmosphere of unity and harmony.

Finally, Secretary Wang Shiyun made comments on the meeting. He pointed out that the democratic life meeting of the South China building materials Party branch was well prepared and had a relatively unified ideological understanding; The root causes of the problems are deeply analyzed; Party members and leading cadres should make self-criticism in place and criticize each other frankly; The rectification measures are practical and effective. He stressed that the problems found in democratic life must be rectified and implemented with the spirit of 'nail in the nail' to find out the correct positioning, dig deep into the root causes and carry out reform. The key to building a contingent of high-quality party members and cadres is to be loyal, clean and responsible. The leading group of the Party branch committee should persevere in strengthening its own construction, give full play to the 'leading goose effect', be loyal to the party and enterprises, and constantly improve the cultivation of party spirit and political morality. We should dare to take responsibility, dare to show our swords in the face of major right and wrong, dare to face difficulties in the face of contradictions, and do a good job in company management and Party construction, so as to make contributions to strong enterprises.

Secretary Wang Shiyun also put forward three requirements for the party building work of South China Building Materials: first, seriously study the new tasks and requirements of the party building work in the new era, actively explore and solve new contradictions and problems, and constantly improve the pertinence and effectiveness of the work, so that the party building work can truly follow the rhythm of the times and meet the requirements of the times under the correct guidance of the principle of comprehensively and strictly governing the party, Better integrate into the development of the new era. Second, we should be strict with our work style, further refine measures, implement rectification, create a new situation of party affairs with high morale and strong enterprising consciousness, and promote all aspects of party affairs to a new level. Three, we should be innovative and carry out party building work with new media, and establish the concept of 'Internet plus party building', so that party members can participate in party organization activities more standardized, more serious, more timely and more convenient, thereby enhancing the creativity, attraction and appeal of Party building.

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