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From September 11 to 13, Cruise & River Cruise convention 2019 and the first marine interiors Cruise & ferry globalai Expo were held at SMM exhibition hall in Hamburg, Germany. Mr. Zhao Limin, managing director of HBM, personally led the team to participate in the above exhibition and achieved good marketing effect.

It is understood that this exhibition is one of the world's largest professional cruise exhibitions with cruise and cruise interior decoration as the theme. It is dedicated to the design of cruise and cruise interior as well as the application of equipment and technology, involving cruise operation, cruise port, cruise tourism destination, cruise ship building and Repairing Factory, cruise ship supply, cruise interior decoration, cruise ship design, cruise ship interior decoration, cruise ship interior decoration, cruise ship interior decoration, cruise ship interior decoration, cruise ship interior decoration, cruise ship interior decoration, cruise ship interior decoration and cruise ship interior decoration Cruise design and construction technology cover many aspects of the cruise industry, from ocean and river cruise ships to ferries and large yachts, providing good communication opportunities for Industry purchasers and enterprise decision makers, and attracting leading institutions in the global cruise industry and thousands of professional visitors to participate.

At the exhibition, people in the industry not only actively contacted business, but also had extensive and in-depth exchanges and discussions on the development status of cruise industry, inland cruise industry, future ship design and construction, marine and inland cruise finance, cruise route development, cruise regulation in European waters, etc.

HBM stand is located at booth 327, hall A3. During the exhibition, there was an endless stream of customers visiting HBM booth to exchange and obtain information. There are not only many old customers who have long cooperated with HBM, but also a large number of new customers who are very interested in HBM brand and products.

In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, we talk about industry development opportunities, docking cooperation projects and sharing the latest products with our old customers. As for HBM's continuous upgrading of equipment and improvement of product quality, many old customers have highly recognized and commented on it, and praised the development and high quality of our new products, saying that we will continue to maintain long-term friendly cooperation with HBM in the future.

At the same time, we also actively contact with the target new customers, promote HBM brand and show HBM products to many shipyards, shipowners and interior designers from various angles. Through docking and communication, HBM has also left a deep impression on new customers. They show a strong interest in HBM products and hope to have a business visit and further discuss cooperation after the exhibition.

Through this exhibition, the brand influence of HBM in the international shipping market has been further consolidated and enhanced, and new power and opportunities have been added for us to continuously expand the interior outfitting market of luxury cruise ships.

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