The n829 project of the world's most advanced wind power installation vessel with interior outfittin



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On the afternoon of October 4th, 2019, the world's most advanced wind power installation vessel n829 project, which provided interior outfitting products such as plate door unit by HBM, was successfully completed in Qidong, Jiangsu Province.

The n829 project ship is designed and constructed by Qidong COSCO Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. of COSCO marine group. The owner is a famous European owner, Belgian Demi company. The ship is a customized EPC EPC project, with the master of the project being 203 meters, a width of 49 meters, a depth of 16.8m, a design draft of 8.5m, a structural draft of 11 meters, a design speed of 14 knots and a payload of 25370 tons.

According to the design and functional requirements, the n829 project ship is equipped with LNG dual fuel auxiliary generator and main generator, equipped with deck crane with lifting capacity of 5000 tons, DP3 positioning system and eight point mooring system, which can meet the various types of operation requirements of different water depths, and is one of the most advanced offshore engineering operation ships in the world.

It is reported that the 5000 ton full swing crane equipped by n829 project ship is mainly used for transportation of the heaviest single pile foundation, jacket foundation and fan components in the market, and has the ability to install offshore fans with a capacity of more than 10 MW. Its advanced nature is that it distinguishes itself from the previous self elevating lifting platform with legs. It is equipped with DP3 positioning system and eight point mooring. The floating crane of these two positioning systems can meet all kinds of operational needs of different water depths. Once it is put into operation, it will greatly improve the efficiency of offshore wind farm construction, offshore platform demolition and installation.

In addition, n829 project ship highlights the environmental protection concept of clean energy technology application, has the design symbol of Green Ship (cleanesign) of dnv-gl classification society, adopts low sulfur diesel and natural gas dual fuel engine, and is equipped with cold energy reuse of liquid natural gas and heat energy recycling facilities of waste gas of main engine.

It is also understood that the n829 wind power installation vessel was on June 26 this year for trial sailing and successfully passed various mooring tests. After the completion of this project, n829 will sail to Rostock, Germany for the installation of 5000 ton deck crane and other follow-up works, and it is planned to deliver in Germany in the first quarter of 2020.

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