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On November 4, 2019, 'Zhonghua Fuxing', Asia's largest, safest, most advanced and most luxurious ro ro passenger ship, which was outfitted with plates, fire doors and sanitary units provided by South China building materials (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'HBM'), was successfully delivered in Shandong Rongcheng Huanghai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

It is understood that the 'Zhonghua Fuxing' is 212 meters long, 28.6 meters wide and 15.3 meters deep, with a gross tonnage of 45000 tons, a passenger quota of 2000 people, a three-tier vehicle cabin, and a total length of 3070 meters. The ship's deck helicopter can land directly, with a service speed of 18.8 knots and a maximum endurance of 5000 nautical miles. It is mainly used for carrying passengers, cars and cars on domestic open sea routes Trucks and container trailers, etc.

'Zhonghua Fuxing' adopts intelligent management and control system, intelligent engine room, equipped with two 7000kw engines, with double sets of ship power system, double power supply system, double sets of fire extinguishing system and other advanced facilities and equipment, with good design stability and hull strength. In terms of safety, it meets the requirement of maintaining the minimum speed of 6kn to return to the port safely under class 8 adverse sea conditions; In terms of noise and vibration, it meets the requirements of comf (noise, 3), comf (VIB, 3) and other latest international specifications.

At the same time, the 'China Renaissance' ship attaches great importance to passenger experience and comfortable entertainment. There are VIP sea view suites, sightseeing balcony luxury double rooms, etc. in the ship, all the guest rooms are of class, and there are large-scale multi-functional performing arts hall, children's play area, shopping center, aquatic products store, boutique, video game area, KTV, passenger open-air leisure bar, open-air Star Cinema Open air barbecue, open-air runway and scenic spots are equipped with three elevators, integrating travel, leisure and entertainment.

It is reported that 'Zhonghua Fuxing' is the first cruise type luxury Ro / Ro passenger ship built by Bohai ferry at a cost of 420 million yuan. It is also a new cruise type Ro / Ro passenger ship designed and built by China with completely independent intellectual property rights. It fills in the gap of the cruise type luxury Ro / Ro passenger ship built and operated in Asia, and opens a new chapter in the development of Ro / Ro passenger transportation in China, It has once again set a new record of the largest scale, the strongest loading capacity, the highest safety performance, the most advanced intelligent level, the most energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, and the most luxurious ro ro passenger ship service facilities in Asia, becoming the new 'best in Asia'.

It is also understood that 'Zhonghua Fuxing' is the 12th large-scale luxury ro ro passenger ship built by Huanghai shipyard for Bohai ferry Group Co., Ltd., and the 12th large-scale luxury ro ro passenger ship that South China building materials provides supporting plates, doors and unit products for Bohai ferry. Since 2004, South China building materials has successively provided plate, door, unit and other interior outfitting products for 12 luxury passenger rollers of Bohai ferry, including 'Bohai golden pearl', 'Bohai silver pearl', 'Bohai pearl', 'Bohai jade pearl', 'Bohai pearl', 'Bohai jade pearl', 'Bohai jade pearl', 'Bohai crystal pearl', 'Bohai diamond pearl' and 'Bohai marpearl', It has been highly recognized and appraised by customers.

After the delivery of the 'China Renaissance', the round-trip route from Yantai to Dalian will be officially put into operation in early November.

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