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On October 30, Argentina local time, the first polar exploration cruise ship 'Greg Mortimer' was built by South China building materials (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. to provide interior outfitting products such as plate, fire door and sanitary unit, and was undertaken by China Merchants Bureau heavy industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. to return to the port of Ushuaia in southern Argentina, which is known as 'the end of the world', The first flight to Antarctica was successfully completed.

It is reported that gomer is crossing the Drake Strait, and has been traveling through the snowy and ice area all the way to the Antarctic continent and returning smoothly. The quality of HBM's interior outfitting products has won the high recognition of the owners, classification society, interior designers, senior explorers and explorers. It is also the first trip to Antarctica made by China.

After experiencing the first trip to Antarctica, people from all walks of life have expressed their own comments:

Greg motor, founder of Aurora, polar exploration cruise line operation company: the ship is very beautiful in construction and excellent in handling performance, especially when sailing in ice area, it can fully perform its performance. We are very proud to operate the ship. We know that the shipyard has made hard efforts to do so. The construction process of Haimen in Jiangsu Province in China has shocked all people. Especially, we can deliver the ship with quality in advance when the design culture concept is understood and many technical problems need to be overcome. Thank the shipyard and the supporting Chinese company!

Claude Maillot, President of BV classification society, North Asia and China: I enjoy my first Antarctic exploration trip in my life. I don't need to say the performance of the ship. I can know from the last trial performance; The comfort of the ship is also very good, with little vibration and small noise, which fully meets the requirements of BV's comf-noise-pax 1. This fully proves that the efforts of shipyard in equipment selection and vibration noise control have achieved good results.

Carlos h. Reyes L.: I think the biggest feature of the cruise line is the maximization of its public area, which fully meets the communication needs of high-quality people targeted by polar cruise lines. Its internal installation and material selection are completely handled according to the characteristics of polar cruise line. In short, we have built a product needed by the renter and the owner. In case of the overall block of ship delivery this year, China can deliver the cruise ship so perfectly in advance. We are full of more perfect expectations for the subsequent manufacturing of other polar cruise lines of China Merchants Industry, which indicates that China shipyard has taken a solid step on the road of cruise construction.

Howard, a senior polar explorer: before the gomer cruise line was put into operation, the industry was curious about it and was in a wait and see state. Today, based on my experience, I can say responsibly that this will change the pattern of Antarctic tourism, and its superior performance has promoted the quality of Antarctic travel to an unprecedented height. As Antarctic explorers, we are looking forward to its ice breaking capacity and stability. Through today's ice breaking and its performance across the Drake Strait, we think it is beyond our expectations.

Experienced and explorer Haining: I come from Shanghai, I used to work at the Antarctic inspection station in China. Two years ago, I started to focus on this polar exploration cruise ship built in China. The experience is really wonderful, it provides us with the experience of accommodation in star hotels, and the most real and exciting experience in polar exploration. At the same time, the anti ice performance of the ship is very strong. I feel the feeling of cutting ice in the bow, very smooth, and the exploration ship is a rare experience to break ice. Later, we drove the assault boat to check the hull and found that the hull was free of scratches and injuries, which was really shocking. I am proud of the strength and fact that the Chinese made polar exploration cruise ship is successful!

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