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Recently, HBM received a letter of thanks from Qingdao Hisea Heavy-Duty Machinery Co.,Ltd., in which Qingdao Hercynian highly praised HBM for its high degree of professionalism, excellent teamwork and the service spirit of going all out to ensure the delivery of the H37.

感谢信 | 来自青岛海西的信任和肯定!

H37 series is the first batch of assisted living platforms with ABS SMART symbol in the world, and it is also the first platform finishing project in Qingdao Hisea Heavy-Duty Machinery Co.,Ltd. HBM is mainly responsible for the supply of interior materials and finishing construction of the project. With the tight project cycle and high quality requirements, the project team made concerted efforts and took the responsibility to complete the set tasks with high standard, high quality and high efficiency, which provided a strong guarantee for the smooth delivery.

感谢信 | 来自青岛海西的信任和肯定!

感谢信 | 来自青岛海西的信任和肯定!

感谢信 | 来自青岛海西的信任和肯定!

The customer's approval is the heavy responsibility. HBM will continue to work hard to continuously improve the level of service and return the trust of customers.

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