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On October 11, 2019, Chen Jianrong, Secretary General of Guangdong Shipbuilding Industry Association, and his party visited HBM. He was warmly received by Zhao Limin, general manager of the company, Tian Yajun, deputy general manager and other leaders.

During the forum, vice president Zhao and Tian first briefed Secretary General Chen and his party on the overall situation of HBM at the present stage and the latest achievements of the project. Subsequently, the two sides had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the current development situation of the global shipbuilding industry and hot issues concerned by Guangdong shipbuilding enterprises.

Mr. Zhao believes that the association is a very good platform for interaction and exchange, which enables our enterprises to feel the pulse of the shipbuilding industry.

Secretary General Chen said that in the context of the overall downturn of the shipbuilding industry, the rapid development of cruise ships and yachts is the dawn of the industry. Guangdong Province has a good performance in yacht, passenger ship and business ship manufacturing, and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. Since one belt, one road national strategy has been implemented in depth, Zhuhai and Zhongshan have undergone transformation and upgrading, and have made strides towards the new era of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. Secretary General Chen said that Zhuhai and Zhongshan boat enterprises in Guangdong Province take advantage of the favorable geographical advantages in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area to drive more enterprises to enter the role transformation, promote enterprises to 'go out', cultivate new advantages, actively transfer advantageous production capacity, expand advantageous industries and expand the level of opening up. One belt, one road, along the 'one belt' road, has been developed by more and more shipping related enterprises in Guangdong province. A number of advantageous enterprises have stepped into the international high-end market through 'going out', which has promoted the international competitiveness and brand awareness of the export commodities of the whole province.

During the forum, the two sides also conducted in-depth discussions on such hot issues as the status of China's shipbuilding industry in the international market, the development status of Guangdong's shipbuilding industry and the analysis of its comprehensive advantages. Both sides agreed that a regular exchange mechanism should be established in the future to strengthen mutual communication and cooperation.

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